Journal of Institute of Engineers-Series B

Ind Jnl of Nano System Technology Electrical

Engg & & Electronics System HY II

Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics BM

IETE Journal of Technical Review BM II

IETE Journal of Technical Research BM II

Indian Journal of Nanomaterials & Technology

Journal of Energy Storage & Conversion

Science & Culture – 12 nos

Ind Jnl of Power Engineering & Green Technology

IEEMA Journal II

Resonance M II

Electrical India M II Current

Journal of Indian Institute of Science Q II

ISST. Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engg

Indian Journal of Mechatronics and Applications

Current development in Electrical Engineering

Information Week

Indian Journal of Information Science and

Science Technology and Society Q II

Education Technology

Indian Journal of Advances in Knowledge Engg & Computer Science HY II

Ind Jnl of Software Engg Research & Development

Indian Journal of Information Security & Computer

Ind. Journal of Wireless & mobile Communications

Indian Journal of Image Processing and Technique

Ind. Jnl. of Information & Communication Systems

Intl. Journal of Scientific Computing HY II

Indian Journal of Computing & Applications HY II

Journal of High Performance Communication Systems and Networking HY II

Jnl. of Neural Systems Theory & Applications HY II

Indian Journal of Industrial Informatics

Current Science-

IMS Journal of Information Technology BM II

Ind. Jnl of Nanotechnology & Applications

Journal of Energy & Heat Mass Transfer Q II

ISST. Journal of Mechanical Engg

Journal of Mechanics and MEMS (JMM)

Ind. Journal of Mechanics and Solids HY

Industrial Automation M II

Ind. Jnl of Manufacturing Systems Research

Cooling India 6 nos.

International Journal of Civil Engineering and construction Technology. HY II

Journal of Advance Research in Computer Engineering 2 Nos

International Journal of Geotechnics and Environment. HY II

Indian journal of Structural Design and Construction. HY II

International journal of modern development in civil Engineering. HY II

Journal of Flood Engineering. HY II

Indian Journal of Materials and Structural Systems. HY II

Intl. Journal of Engineering under Uncertainty Hazards, Assessment & Mitigation HY II

IMS Journal of Civil Engineering II 3 nos.

PRAMANA Journal of Physics M II

Journal of Chemical Science BM II

Bulletin of Material Science BM II

Journal of Environmental Pollution ,Control And Management M II

Proceedings (Mathematical Science) Q II

Opsearch Journal M II

I. J. Scientific & Industrial Research M II

Journal of Intellectual Property Rights BM II

Journal of Genetics 3 No’s II

Down To Earth (Environmental Engg.)

University News 48 No’s

Annals of Library & Information Studies Q II

Journal of Asian Business Management HY II

Journal of Business Management HY II

Howard Business Review HY II

Indian Development Review HY II

Ind Jnl of Logistics and Supply Chain Management HY II

Asian Jnl of Management Cases 2 Nos. HY II

Indian Journal of Finance 12 Nos.

Prabandhan – Indian Journal of Management 12 Nos.

Review of Applied Economics 2 Nos

Indian Journal of Marketing 12 Nos.

Jnl of Entrepreneurship 2Nos.

Indian Jnl of International Business & Finance 2Nos.

Journal of Analysis and Computation 2 Nos.

Indian Journal of Multiple View Vision 2 Nos.

Ind. Jnl of Embedded Software & Open Source Systems HY I

Indian Journal of Advanced In Multimedia

Ind. Jnl of Grid Computing and Multi Agent Systems HY II

Journal of Software Engineering and Technology 2 Nos

Journal of Software Project Management and Quality Assurance 2 Nos


Electronics for You  M II (with CD)

PC Quest M II (with CD)

Digit (with CD) M II

Data Quest 24NOS II

Reader’s Digest 12 NOS II

Voice & Data M II(NEW)

PC World M US

Science Reporter

Economic & Political (Weekly

Business World    FN II

Business India     FN II

Overdrives M II

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The Samaj



Dainik Jagaran

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The Times of India

The Hindu

The Employment News

The Economic Times

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Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics BM II
IETE Journal of Technical Review BM II
IETE Journal of Technical Research BM II
Science & Culture – 12 nos.
IEEMA Journal II
Resonance M II
Journal of the Indian Institute of Science
Journal of Earth System Science
Ind. Jnl of Engineering & Material Sc. BM II
Ind Jnl of Pure and Applied Physics M II
PRAMANA Journal of Physics M II
Journal of Chemical Science BM II