Trident students have about 10(Ten) different student clubs covering both cultural and academic platforms. Each club is guided by a Faculty coordinator and is managed by 3 to 5 students constituting the Governing body who are mostly drawn from final year and pre-final year of the programmes. The college provides the necessary seed funding for each of the 10(Ten) clubs. The activities of these clubs heavily focus on learning beyond the syllabus, self-learning in the respective domains and interacting with experts from industry academia.

Cultural & Technical Clubs

The programming club provides a stimulating, co-operative environment where students can interact and learn from each other by solving various programming problems. The purpose of the club is to gain and develop good programming skills, general problem solving skills, learn how to work in a team and develop programming solutions using various innovative and creative techniques.

Team Members :

Mr. K.C.Dev (Co-ordinator)

Mrs. Pratiti Mishra (Member)

Mr. Saswat Das (Student Member)

Mr. Ratikanta Mallik (Student Member)

Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the internet. The purpose of the cloud club is to help the students realize the value with cloud computing, and try to innovate among themselves to research on the current aspects of cloud computing.

Team Members :

Mrs. S.Baral (Co-ordinator)

Mr. K.Rana (Member)

Ms. Sulochana Rath (Student Member)

Mr. Rabi Narayan Mohanty (Student Member)

The purpose of Cyberforensic club is to fight against cyber crime, cyber terrorism, identify theft and the exploitation of minors. Students learn techniques used to detect, respond to and prevent network intrusions. They also learn how to use resources, the appropriate management of risks and the alignment of information technology with the organization.

Team Members :

Mrs. S.Ray (Co-ordinator)

Mrs. G.Sahoo (Member)

Mr. Saroj Kumar Rath (Student Member)

Mr. Bikash Sahoo (Student Member)

Mobile computing allows transmission of data via a computer without having to be connected to a fixed physical link. The purpose of this club is to expose our students to as much technology as practically possible & to help create an environment where the use of technology becomes familiar.

Team Members :

Mr. S.Behera (Co-ordinator)

Mr. B.Nath (Member)

Mr. Ashis Maharana (Student Member)

Ms. Beena (Student Member)

The creative writing is a writing that expresses ideas and thoughts in an imaginative way. The writer gets to express feelings and emotions instead of just presenting the facts. The creative writing club provides an opportunity that allows students with an interest in writing,literature and humanities to join together for common interests.

Team Members :

Mr. S.Samantasinghar (Coordinator)

Mrs. S.Baral (Member)

Mrs. Pratiti Mishra (Member)

Mr. Saswat Das (Student Member)

Mr. Asish Moharana (Student Member)

Mr. Saroj Kumar Ratha (Student Member)

The endeavour of this club is to foster and nurture, debating and quizzing culture in students. The impetus will be verbal communication skills and the students will be encouraged to read extensively and keep abreast of current affairs. The debate club creates opportunities for students to develop their skills. The quiz club aims at identifying the students who are talented in quiz and creating opportunities for them to sharpen their quizzing skills. Intra and Inter college debating competitions are organized. Students are encouraged to participate in competitions conducted by other Institutions also.

Team Members :

Mr. S.Samantasinghar (Coordinator)

Mr. K.Rana (Member)

Mrs. D.Das (Member)

Mrs. Sabyasachi Sahoo (Student Member)

Ms. Sukanya Ratha (Student Member)

Mr. Ratikanta Mallick (Student Member)

Dance and music club provide a platform to our students to recreate the magic of wonderful dance forms and tunes, be it classical dances or music or even pop music and rock fusion.

Team Members :

Mrs. S.Ray (Coordinator)

Mrs. G.Sahoo (Member)

Mrs. Pratiti Mishra (Member)

Ms. Sulochana Ratha (Student Member)

Ms. Soni Mishra (Student Member)

Ms. Subhangi Sahoo (Student Member)

Finance Club promotes finance-related activities and careers. It caters to a wide variety of finance-related interests particularly in

  • Investment banking
  • Trading mechanism
  • private wealth management,
  • corporate finance


Team Members:

Ms. Evelina Mohapatra( Co-ordinator)

Mrs. Evani Pattnaik

Ms. Kajal Sahoo(Student Member)

Ms. Liza Patra(Student Member)

Ms. Sai Pragnya Shrma(Student Member)

Mr. Satish pattnaik(Student Member)

Mr. Sridhar Ku. Patra(Student Member)

Mr. Deep Kumar(Student Member)

HR Club provides a platform for:

  • Networking with fellow HR Professionals from various organizations
  • Sharing Information, Best Practices, Survey Results, Anecdotes, Experiences and Learning
  • Seeking help on HR issues and problems from peers
  • Invitation to Offline meets & free talks of your chapter
  • Opportunity to attend offline meets & free talks of other chapters
  • Invitation to HR Conferences & Conventions

Team Members


Dr. Nargis Begum( Co-ordinator)

Mrs. Sonam Subhadarshini( Member)

Ms. Sonali Rajguru Mohapatra(Student Member)

Ms. Manisha Priyadarshini(Student Member)

Ms. Sipra Mohanty(Student Member)

Ms. Sibani Meher(Student Member)

As a club, it brings together some of the brightest minds, interested in exploring the ever changing dynamics of marketing. The club aims at keeping members abreast with the latest on marketing while integrating the vast experience of its members across functions and industries such as

  • advertising
  • research
  • sales
  • branding communication and
  • digital marketing to name a few.


Team Members:


Mr. Soumya Prakash Bala( Co-ordinator)

Ms. Nilima Das(Member)

Mr. Dipak Jena(Student member)

Mr. Ajay Kumar Pradhan(Student Member)

Mr. Mahendra Mandal(Student Member)

Mr. Nilakantha Sahoo(Student Member)