The concept of ‘student clubs’ that includes the technical and cultural clubs has been the mainstay of the vibrant atmosphere at the organization.The idea is to collaborate and work beyond classroom teaching that satisfies the innovative self. The aim is to promote innovative thinking, self-learning, acquisition of knowledge & skills beyond syllabus, creativity, technique, and leadership skills. A total of 10 clubs have been formed. These clubs are shaping students’ technical knowledge according to requirements of industry. An attitude of ‘Learning with fun’ promulgates healthy understanding and competition between the students.
A list of active students clubs with their individual domain site can be assessed from the following:


  1. Programming Club
  2. Cloud Club
  3. Cyber forensic Club
  4. Mobile Computing Club
  5. Creative Writing Club
  6. Quiz and Debating Club
  7. Dance and Music Club
  8. Finance Club (Samridhi)
  9. HR club ( Sambandh)
  10. Marketing club( Srasta)