The institution implements a Proctorial system under which each faculty is assigned the responsibility of 20 students. Academic and personal counselling for the students are effectively carried out by the proctor in regular intervals.The parents are also being taken into confidence are being informed regarding the continuous improvement of their wards.

Duties of Proctors:

  • Each member of the teaching staff will be designated as proctor and is the teacher leader of a number of students.
  • The Proctor shall exercise an effective control and influence over the students under his charge.
  • The Proctor shall assist in academic and over all development of the student under his charge.
  • The Proctor shall enquire into their various problems and help them to solve either by himself or by bringing it to the notice of the Head of the institution or the parents of the students.
  • The Proctor shall maintain the quarterly Proctorial record and shall submit to the Head of the institution on the last working day of every session.
  • The Proctor shall send quarterly progress report to the Parent/Guardians of the student, wherever deemed necessary.

Scope for Students

  • The proctorial programme as introduced in the college, aims at improving curricular activities, disciplined behavior and personal development of the students.
  • The prime objective of PROCTOR is to provide supportive care and advice to the students and help them in their academic and personal problems.
  • The Proctor shall watch from time to time the academic progress and conduct of his/her group of students both inside and outside the college, advise them and make reports to the principal and guardians concerning their academic and other activities inside and outside the institution.
  • Proctorial programme would help the students to complete their studies comfortably and successfully.
  • The Proctor acts as a teacher guardian to solve the academic and administrative problems by his / her wards.
  • The Proctor closely monitors the progress of students under his/her care and helps them in overcoming their problems.