TACT believes in participative discipline and control in the campus. Accordingly, an interface has been created between the student community and college administration in the form of a student council.

Formation of Student Council

The Student Council is constituted every year by nominating student members from MBA and MCA Final year (5 nos. from each department). The student members are nominated by the Head of each department based on the Career and Discipline, leadership qualities, and positive attitude of the students. Both men and women students are represented in the student’s council. As a council member, a special i-card is issued to the students for recognition.

Purpose of Student Council

  • To ensure smooth administration and present the grievances of students in a meeting of the Student and Staff welfare committee.
  • To ventilate the genuine grievances of students at different levels
  • To maintain discipline during Elixir, Management Fest, TriFest, and functions (farewell and welcome functions)
  • To be a companion and guide juniors at different levels.
  • To carry forward the intent and policies of the management to the student committee.

Current List of Student Council members:
Mr. Saswat Das (Student Member)
Mr. Sumit Satpathy (Student Member)
Ms. Priyanka Satpathy (Student Member)
Ms. Pratikshya Sarangi (Student Member)
Mr. Dipak Kumar Jena(Student Member)
Mr. Sridhar kumar Patra(Student Member)
Ms. Sweta Silpa Swain(Student Member)
Ms. Sonali Rajguru Mohapatra(Student Member)
Mr. Rabi Mohanty (Student Member)
Mr. Abhisek Kumar (Student Member)