The core objectives of Trident Research are:

• To achieve excellence in academic, industrial and societal research and innovation.

• Conduct and promote interdisciplinary research and share knowledge and research outcomes through publishing papers in reputable journals and conferences.

• Conduct and organize lectures by inviting guest experts, seminars and workshops in the areas of upcoming technologies to address needs for handling problems of the society and industry.

• Conduct research through collaboration and networking with industry partners and other research institutions for knowledge sharing.

• Teaching and supervising undergraduate and graduate courses in the upcoming areas of technology and their application.

• Providing technical expertise and consultancy support services to address issues of the society and community.

• Promote and lead funded research projects in various domains, such as High performance embedded systems, Conventional and Non-conventional Energy systems, Intelligent and autonomous systems, Biotechnology, MEMS, wireless sensors network, Internet of Things, Big data and information security, etc. through extramural as well as intramural funding support.

• Buildup state-of-the-are modern up-to-date research equipment to promote high-end sustainable industrial and societal research.

• Hosting visits by distinguished scholars and industry experts, building partnerships with leading international experts and research centers.