Aptitude test is the first hurdle a student has to clear , in the campus recruitment process. Aptitude tests are of paramount importance to job seekers as the ratio of job applicants to the number of job offers, is very high. Employers use these tests to differentiate between candidates fit to be interviewed or not.

As any sensible stakeholders in students preparation for the corporate world, we at Trident take Aptitude & Reasoning training classes very seriously. We expose the students on these training from the pre-final year of their courses with regular assessments in between to keep track of their progress. For these trainings to be successful we leave no stones unturned , we always have employed the best trainers from Pan India training institutes having good track record .Names like Confidence Factory(Bbsr), Twaran (Bbsr), Universal Education (Bangalore) have been associated with us in the last two academic sessions.

In our last two academic sessions, we had started our aptitude & reasoning training from the pre-final year to give enough time to cover each & every topic thoroughly. After the completion of each topic an assessment was done .The classes were build into the time table as if it is a part of their curriculum giving the students the ease of learning rather than putting them in tension. In the final year the students are put on online & offline assessments , to give them the practice of their first hurdle in the recruitment process.