For engineering and manufacturing sector, as in any other type of jobs, besides technical skills, the management is keenly looking forward to a distinct kind of skill in its potential employees. Whatsoever role one may be looking forward to in an organization, possessing strong soft skills can put one a step ahead in the competition and make him/her a true professional.

Understanding the importance soft skills as an important pre-requisite of any recruiting organization, we at Trident give it a lot of importance in our student’s corporate readiness preparations.

To meet the corporate requirements, we put our students on intensive soft skill training, this begins from the very first year of their course. The initial phase of this training includes building the students’ confidence & believe that they can do it, followed by honing their speaking ability specially in English. They are exposed to many sessions like :

  • Personality Development Programs
  • GD & PI Training
    • Team Building
    • Team Communication
    • Team Behaviour
  • Developing Lateral Thinking(De Bono Thinking)
  • Attire Management
  • Etiquette Building – Social & Business

To make these possible , trainers from best training institutes , PAN India & local are employed, like Universal Education,( Bangalore), FACE(Bangalore), EMERGE(Hyderabad), Confidence Factory (Bbsr), TWARAN(Bbsr).

In the coming sessions we have many Behvioural Competency Building programs lined up for the overall development  of a person, as a part of corporate readiness program.